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With the advent of the web era, a huge revolution is taking place every second. New technological innovations in the IT world have made our lives easier and smoother. Great New Day’s Custom Application Development services allow your people to focus on what they do best— running your business and serving your customers.  We have a wide range of consulting and programming solutions that can meet your organization’s business automation needs. Our developers work closely with you to provide the strategic guidance and programming expertise you need to make every business initiative a brilliant success. Regardless of whether you’re creating your first system, upgrading or replacing an existing system, or building something new and extraordinary, we can help.

We provide affordable web programming for e-business application development like Content Management solutions, e-Commerce Solutions, Database Applications.  Be it a legal client extranet, an online store, or an employee intranet, Great New Day lives up to the challenge by providing to our clients the most effective and the best implementation of PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Web application development.

Website Modules

We offer extra tools to broaden the capacity of your website and to encourage your users to keep coming back for more. Optional tools include: Email Newsletter, Weblog, Shopping Cart/e-Commerce, Site Search, Photo Gallery, Guestbook, Forum, and Survey, User Poll, and many more. Below are some specific applications that we have implemented for our clients:

Announcements Board
This application allows announcements to be posted on a site. The announcement consists of a title, a body and an active date range.  After submission, the announcement stays dormant until its publish date is reached at which time its title will be displayed on the website. A user can click on the title to view the body of the announcement.  Once the remove date is reached, the announcement becomes inactive but remains stored in the database.

The auction application allows items to be placed on the auction page and bid on during a specified time period. Front-end users can submit their items and upload pictures of the items for auction. Items can be searched for by category and then bid on by submitting their bid and contact information. The administrator emails the person who receives the item upon completion of the bidding time.

Banner Ad Manager
The Banner Ad Manager application allows banners to be stored and rotated on sites. The application tracks banner impressions as well as click through rates.

Calendar of Events
This application allows users to post meetings and events quickly and easily. It provides a visual calendar of events displayed in a monthly format with each date having hyper linked titles to the events for its day.  The administrator of the application can add an event by clicking on the day. This opens the new event where a title and event description can be entered. On submission, the title appears in the calendar as a hyper link that a user can click on to see the description of the event.

Great-New-Day-chat-roomsChat Rooms
The Chat Room application provides a live chat room where users can converse with each other in a real time situation. On the website side, users simply enter the name that they will use during the chat session and immediately can participate in the chat room conversation.  There is very little required from an administration standpoint other than periodically clearing the database of old posts.

Classified Ads
The Classified Ads application allows web users to view products for purchase as well as post products of their own.  The application presents a listing of items for sale with images in an easily readable format that is searchable by category and title. Each ad displays the title, description, price, contact person, image, and has a link to email the contact.  The images are thumbnail views of the actual images and when clicked on open a pop up window that displays the image full size.  If no image is loaded, a default image is displayed.  Ads are taken out of rotation automatically at the end of their run time.

great-new-day-contact-form-7Contact Management
Contact Management is used for tracking sales leads, contacts and customers. Look at notes from past actions and make notations for follow up actions required. View “to do” lists by date, track sales status, and create comprehensive reports. Sales personnel have their own contact database but can view other’s lists for team collaboration on sales efforts.

Document Library
This application allows users to upload any type of document to a central web repository to make them available to web users. Documents can be accessible to anyone on the website, or password protected so that only certain individuals can access them. Web users can search for documents on the website by keyword or by description and can download the documents from the web.

Email Form
This application allows a web user to fill in a form on the website and will then email that information to a predefined user.

Employee Directory
The employee directory application stores employee information such as name, department and contact information. Website users can search for an employee alphabetically or by department to view their information.

Employee Review
The Employee Review Application allows for the creation of a bank of re-usable questions for reviewing employees. Employee reviews are stored and accessed on-line for future reference.

The function of this application is to present a list of frequently asked questions as hyper links that when clicked provide the answer for the question.  The questions can be sorted by category to facilitate use.

A Forums application provides a bulletin board where users can post messages and replies to specific discussions.  Web users register themselves on their first visit and then use a unique username and password to post topics or replies.  Web users can create new topics under any given forum, but only administrators can create new forums.  Topics can be closed by the topic moderator or administrator.

Forms Builder
The Forms Builder application allows non-technical users to build online forms. Users can select from fields such as single line text box, scrolling text box, check box, radio button and drop down menu. A user can add as many fields to a form as they like and they can reorder the fields once they are added. Website users can access forms and can complete them online. The information is then emailed to predefined addresses as well as stored in the database for later use.

This application allows users to post latest news stories. Administrators can post articles by entering a headline, a subtitle and a body as well as an active date rage. Users on a website will see the headline and subtitle of all active articles and can click on the headline to read the full article. When articles expire, they are removed from the active headlines list and are archived. Website users can search for archived articles by keyword.

great-new-day-help-deskHelp Desk
The help desk application is developed for web users to be able to submit questions or problems to the service department. The person submitting the information fills out a form with a short description of the problem. From the back end, the question or concern is assigned to a technician who can address the issue. The technician can insert notes about their activities and update the status of the issue. The web user can enter their incident number and see whom their ticket has been assigned to as well as the notes entered and the status of their incident.

Image Gallery
Image Gallery applications allow thumbnail pictures with titles to be presented in an organized format. Ten images per page are shown in two rows of five.  Page scrolling is available when necessary and each image is hyper linked to a window showing a full size view of the image as well as its title and description.  The entire gallery is searchable by keywords or by category.

Image Rotator
The Image Rotator Application simplifies the process of enabling rotating images within a site. Images automatically change upon every page refresh with this application.

In/Out Board
The In/Out board allows a user to configure which individuals they would like to track. Individuals can check in when they are in the office and check out with an estimated time of return when they leave. Each user will be able to see who on their list is in the office and who is out, and when they will return.

Incident Tracking
The Incident Tracking application allows for the tracking of any problems, work assignments or projects and allows them to be recorded and assigned to specific people within defined departments or company divisions. The front end user sees the tasks that have been assigned to him. From this point the task can be selected and notes made concerning the assigned task. Upon completion, the task can be assigned to another user or can be marked as closed.

great-new-day-jobcastJob Opportunities
This application is an on-line recruiting tool. Jobs can be posted and edited quickly and easily. The administrator simply enters all position related information including job description, salary range and contact information and posts it for immediate availability on the company website, Intranet or both. Web users can search for job openings by job title or category and can apply online.

Member Directory
The member directory has user-defined fields that can be customized to contain phone number, email or any other pertinent information about an individual. Users on the website can then do search for an individual either alphabetically or by category and will see a picture of the individual along with all their information.

The newsletter is a very complex application that allows users to create custom newsletter templates and then insert news articles within their template. Readers can then access the newsletter on the website and click on news headlines to read the article.

Page Subscription
This is a sidebar application that can be run on any standard page. If a user is particularly interested in a specific page, they can subscribe to that page by entering their email address. Once a user has subscribed to a page, every time the content on that page is updated they will get an email alerting them of the change and allowing them to link back to the page to review the changes.

Policies and Procedures
The policies and procedures application is designed to assist the HR department by posting company policies and procedures on an Intranet. This advanced application allows all sections, chapters and information pertaining to company policy to be web enabled. The administrator sets up chapters and sections of information. The end user sees a list of chapters and sub-sections that act as links to the pertinent information for quick access to specific policies or can search for specific policies by keyword.

Press Release
This application allows users to post press releases. Administrators can post releases by entering a headline, a subtitle and a body as well as an active date rage. Users on a website will see the headline and subtitle of all active releases and can click on the headline to read the full release. When releases expire, they are removed from the active press release list and are archived. Website users can search for archived releases by keyword.

great-new-day-project-trackingProject Tracking
The Project Tracking application provides a single page for creating and managing projects. End users can create new projects, add steps to projects, and mark steps as complete.  A summary table graphically displays the progress of all the projects.

The Requisition application provides a centralized, consistent method for employees to make purchase requests to their department heads.  The application allows the employee to identify themselves and then state what the purchase is, justify the purchase and supply any other information necessary for their request.  The web user then selects which department to submit the request to and the decision maker in the department is notified by email and linked to a page that displays information about the requisition.  The responsible party then approves or disapproves the request and can provide a reason for the decision.  The person who made the request is then notified of the decision through email.

The scheduler application is a calendar application for multiple users. A user can access the application and can see all the events that other users have scheduled. They can then also schedule new events for themselves as well as for other users.

WooCommerce_Dynamic_Gallery_WordPress_PluginShopping Cart
A shopping cart application enables e-commerce functionality to be added to a site. Administrators can create online catalogs and display an image as well as a description of each product. Web users can search through the catalog by category or by manufacturer and can add items to their shopping cart. When they are ready to check out, they will enter their personal information, which will be used to invoice the user for their products or automatically charge their credit card.

Site Map
The Site Map application allows for an outline of a site’s architecture to be displayed within a website or Intranet.  Each page within the sitemap is set up as a hyperlink to that page within the site.

Site Search
The search application allows a web user to search through all the content on a site by entering a keyword or phrase. The application will return every page on the site where that keyword or phrase is found with links so that the user can link directly to the page.

Suggestion Box
The suggestion box allows web users to submit comments to a predefined administrator.

free-online-survey-editorSurvey Maker
This application allows users to create online surveys. Users can select from fields such as yes/no, true/false, multiple choice or open response to add questions to their survey. Web users can then complete surveys on the site and the results are stored in the database where they can be analyzed from the administrative side of the application.

Useful Links
The Useful Links application simplifies the process of adding a page to a website or Intranet where links of interest can be placed by categories as specified by the administrator. Each category set up can then supply the end user with a list of useful links related to that topic.

Vacation Request Form
The Vacation Request Form allows employees to submit their vacation, sick and personal time off requests on-line.  The request is submitted to the person’s manager for approval. The division manager may then approve the request and submit it to Human Resources where it is submitted for final approval and a response is submitted back to the employee who made the request.

Voting Booth
The voting booth application is a simplified version of the survey maker application. This application allows one question to be posted within a website or Intranet with either a true/false or multiple-choice response. Web users have to login to vote to ensure that only one vote is cast per user.

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