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  • What is your motivation? If you already have a site, what reasons do you have to create a new one?
  • This will help tremendously gathering content for your site.
  • If not, we offer discounted rates for website customers.
  • What makes your company remarkable?
  • Identify the types of people who are currently or might be using the site.
  • This is about defining calls to action from your site visitors.
  • Do you have any specific deadlines? Or maybe an event you want the launch to coincide with?
  • If not, we can help you develop a catchy URL and get your hosting set up.
  • Having an email address that matches your website domain is imperative to appearing established.
  • We will teach this person how to use the content management system for the site. Or we can set up a monthly contract to manage that for you if you like.
  • Not all customers care about ranking high on Google or Bing. If you do, we offer SEO services as well.
  • Are there any that you really like or dislike?
  • We offer this service as well.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • If not, we can set this up as part of the SEO services. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics & reports about the visits to your website. Having this service implemented into your website can provide you with incredibly valuable insights.
  • Things like update Wordpress when new releases come out, plugins, edit content, etc.? We offer a maintenance plan for $75/month.
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